MUSICIAN PROFILE: "Do You Want to Be Dead or a Monster?" An Interview With Jen Goma [PREVIEW]

When Jen Goma, alias Showtime Goma, describes her transition from being one of many members of the band A Sunny Day in Glasgow to writing and producing her own record, she characterizes herself as initially a “reluctant solo artist.” As she tells it, the development of her debut album, Smiley Face, happened not as a conscious decision to strike out on her own, but more of Goma continuing to write her own material until she felt compelled to share it.
Looking back on the making of Smiley Face, Goma remarks, “I was writing about making something, about willing something into existence. [...] Everything in my life that I do—it makes sense that I would make a record.” Citing the philosophy of history, Goma characterizes her solo career as “the most recent lie,” and “just [my] most recent version of the story. Even seeing myself as a solo artist is a really new idea to me...”

You can read the full profile at PopMatters here!


  1. What a great review! Got to listen to these tunes!


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