Published Writing

On this page you can find absolutely everything I've ever written for other publications.
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  • "The Art Houses of Naoshima Island." March/April 2020, in print. Also available online.
  • "Rachel Deane at Automat Collective, Philadelphia." November/December 2018, in print. Also available online.
  • "David Hartt at the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center, Philadelphia." May/June 2018, in print. Also available online.
  • "Ahrong Kim at The Clay Studio, Philadelphia." November/December 2017, in print. Also available online.

  • "Satoshi Fujiwara." Issue 10, Autumn/Winter 2020, pp. 122-127. In print.

    • "Swarthmore College: Selected Artworks." 2014-2015. In print. PDF.

    • “Leonardo Da Vinci’s Hercules.” Northwestern Art Review #11: "Constructing Reality," Fall 2014, pp. 31-38. In print. ISSUU.

    • "Fifty Shades of Foul Play." Swarthmore Review #9, March 2015, pp. 25-29. In print. ISSUU.

    (now Create Magazine; online articles are archived links only. The original articles can be read on this site in full here):

    (note: The Daily Gazette and The Swarthmore Phoenix were merged in fall 2018.)
    You can also read these pieces on I On the Arts here.

    I also occasionally participate in Indiewire's Critics Survey Feature.
    I've also presented papers at conferences, which you can read below in their original form.