ARTIST PROFILE: Artist Pat Riot is Ready to Rumble [PREVIEW]

The nom de plume—or more appropriately, nom de guerre—of artist Pat Riot already gives you a good picture of the ethos of the artist before you even see his work: playful, ironic, and always ready to rumble. Indeed, no matter which of his multimedia oeuvre you consider—paintings, collage, sculpture, image manipulation—Pat Riot is in your face and unapologetic about it, combining his firebrand political sensibility with a keen visual flair. His work centers on critiques of mass media, politics, aesthetics, and commercialism, to name but a few ten-dollar words, with a specific focus on the very myths that make up and sustain the idea of United States. Powered by a “tolerable amount” of THC and quoting Shakespeare and Guy Debord, Pat Riot is perfectly poised as an artist both predating and belonging to our current turbulent political times. As he puts it succinctly: “I am a benumbed rebound of the absurd and inconsonant mythology of the modern American man...”
Jackie Robinson48” x 48” chewed bubblegum on enamel coated aluminum panel (sprayed with a clear acrylic UV sealer)
Courtesy of the artist.
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