ROUND-UP JULY 17-23, 2017

I started writing for The Young Folks this week, plus I interviewed an artist for the Humble Arts Foundation's blog. Enjoy!
"In this first post, I discuss my top five favorite (often under-loved) YA novels and series. You’ll notice a few commonalities right off the bat: the novels all have female protagonists who are realistic and fleshed-out, are written by female authors, and (most) have well-written romances that complement the overall narratives and development of the characters rather than demanding the lion’s share of attention."
"Photography is the medium that holds all my work together. I do paint, and draw... as well as fold, rip, crumple, weave. But It always starts and finishes with a camera. I don't want to limit myself to just photography, as I love making and using my hands. I'm not a huge fan of photoshop, so wherever I can, I will try and use other techniques."