TELEVISION REVIEW: 'Sense8' Season Two Brings It All Back to Family [PREVIEW]

With a show like Sense8, the way to keep things interesting is to continually go big, whether with action-packed set-pieces and kinetic, slow-mo sex scenes, or by adding loads and loads of new characters to keep expanding the mythos of the show and raise the stakes. Sense8's second season goes with both options, becoming a little more confusing in the process while also, somehow, streamlining the world-building. Having a second season of ten episodes is undoubtedly a better move than having another 12. Since we already know the characters so well at this point, there's much less basic exposition that needs to be done, and when there's cause for things to be explained to the cluster, the characters don't have to stand still and be acted upon, and the chugging forward doesn't have to take precedence over character interactions.
You see, our gang of eight isn't the only cluster around right now; it turns out there are thousands upon thousands of other sensates, all with shifting motives and relationships with the sinister BPO...

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