BOOK REVIEW: 'The World Is a Narrow Bridge' Is a Metaphysical Pilgrimage for Our Time [PREVIEW]

For people of a certain political persuasion, the last few years have consisted of being overwhelmed with anger and fright yet too damn exhausted to be able to expend the emotional and mental energy of getting outraged at everything. Aaron Thier's The World Is a Narrow Bridge is a thoughtful, fictional testament to this very mood. While there are key differences in plot and structure, Thier's novel calls to mind Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman's Good Omens (1990), another lightly humorous metaphysical novel that can be read as a reflection of prevailing anxieties and concerns about our existence and the fate of the world. If Good Omens is an artifact of 1990's apocalypse hullabaloo notable for its wry wit, petty divine figures, and surrealistic flourishes, then The World Is a Narrow Bridge plays a similar role in our angst-ridden, oversaturated media landscape/world of 2016 and beyond...

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