ROUND-UP August 18–September 22, 2020

Hello I On the Arts readers! As I begin my second year of my graduate school education, I imagine that there will continue to be less frequent update of new posts. However, I'll continue to be publishing older pieces on my blog and sending those out weekly, so you can keep reading my writing on a regular basis!

"African Violet tangles these three tight and tense knots of characters together in ways that reveal the lengths to which we all perform different roles in different areas of life-and are different versions of ourselves around different people."

"While millions claim to be fans of Bruce Springsteen, only an extra-dedicated few have taken the plunge and written an entire book devoted to analyzing the nuances of the Boss' extensive discography. In her debut tome Springsteen as Soundtrack: The Sound of the Boss in Film and Television, Caroline Madden explores how Springsteen's music has been used in a variety of film and television projects to underscore political concerns, character motivations, and settings both temporal and place-based--to name but a few elements.

"A writer and scholar who hails from Springsteen's home state of New Jersey, Madden dives deeply into works both well-known (Jonathan Demme's Philadelphia, David Chase's The Sopranos) and more obscure (John Sayles' Baby It's You, Edward Burns' No Looking Back), showing how the Boss' music has inspired and endured across media for decades."

"Indeed, one more subtle impact of the Wedding Cake House project is that it continues the rather specific artistic tradition of reshaping Victorian homes in a major United States city (by two creative, community-minded women activists) into an expressive space, giving women artists and workers opportunities to shape the world around them, and to fulfill what they see as a pressing communal need."