BOOK REVIEW: "'Young Jane Young' and the Monicas, the Hillarys, and Other Women Impacted by Sex Scandals" [Preview]

I metaphorically jumped for joy when I saw that Gabrielle Zevin's latest novel was on the list of books available for review that PopMatters circulates to its writers. Back when I read YA fiction on a regular basis (back when I was a young adult), Zevin's novels Elsewhere and Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac were among my favorites, and I've always admired Zevin's crisp prose and natural, fully-realized characters.
Thus it's a little bit of a mixed bag to report that while Young Jane Young is snappy, sharp, and timely, bearing plenty of Zevin's stronger stylistic elements, it's not quite on the same level of profundity as her earlier novels...

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