ROUND-UP November 15-25, 2018

Happy end of November!
"If it weren’t for the trope-y premise, the sunny Southern California palette, a bright and poppy ambient soundtrack, and a kitschy cassette-tape framing conceit, Brand New Old Love would play straight as a drama about the pressures of adulthood, and how stifling expectations can be—whether they come from society, your surroundings, or even from yourself. Essentially, regardless of whether your friend or brother seems to have their adult pants on and have their life in order, they inevitable really, really, don’t—we’re all just trying really hard to look like we know what we’re doing."
"Velarde tells me that girls are said to mature faster than boys do, and she believes they have to do so in order to deal with the reality of living in patriarchy—of dealing with the terror of sexism, machismo, the specter of male violence against women. The graceful waves and shapes that extend from Velarde’s half of the composition to the panel containing her daughter symbolize Velarde’s stated desire to protect her young daughter from the horrors of growing up. Even as a work in progress, “Vitruviana and Vitruvianita” depicts the fantastical yet logical extension of this protective instinct: in order to survive in an irrational world, women must mold themselves into something strong, something unexpected (like a claw on the end of the human leg), to protect one another."