TELEVISION REVIEW: "The Bold Type" Blends Political/Social Issues With Good Female-Centered Action [PREVIEW]

The Bold Type is like the television form of Jessica Seinfeld’s infamous brownies. Designed to get her kids to eat vegetables, as all children are rightfully reluctant to do, the recipe for these brownies calls for the usual chocolate, flour, sugar, cocoa powder, and pureed spinach and carrots; a delicious and decadent way to trick children (or viewers) into consuming something healthy.
Likewise, beneath the style, gloss, and glamour, over a mere ten episodes of a short first (and hopefully not last) season, The Bold Type has demonstrated that it has its heart in the right place. The Bold Type wants its viewers to consider important political and social issues, while also enjoying the endless wardrobe options of the Scarlet Magazine fashion closet. While shows like Law and Order often address social issues simply by ripping episode plots from the tawdriest of headlines, The Bold Type mostly succeeds at incorporating the travel ban, internet trolling and slut-shaming, sex-positive feminism, women’s health awareness, sexual assault activism, and the current state of print journalism’s newsrooms into its material in an arguably more organic way. At a magazine like Scarlet, the latter two topics would definitely come up at some point (especially as more and more publications halt written coverage and “pivot to video”), while the former problem provides a tragic (and unfortunately realistic) obstacle to the Kat-Adena romance...

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